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Not sure what is going on

I'm a little bit confused on what's going on with me at the moment.
ok so I have been put on the mini pill to stop me from getting headaches at that time of the month. It is still 99% affective even without breastfeeding its just got to be taken the same time everyday.

I got food poisoning just during my last period (a bit of a worry) and got my period on the 21st of August and usually get it every 5 weeks but this month I haven't got it and late nearly a week. I don't have other pregnancy symptoms besides cramping like my period is coming and tingling nipples. I had a negative pregnancy test 2 days ago. I have stoped taking the pill now just in case I'm pregnant and to see if my period will come. My husband works away so I'm safe to stop. Last night and today I have hade major discharge like ovulation (egg whites) but shouldn't be ovulating. Would this be a symptom of coming off the pill or is there a chance I could be pregnant?

I have a doctors appointment in 3 days but that just seams so far away at the moment.

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