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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Am I pregnant, or just crazy?

Hi everyone!

I know no person can tell me if I am pregnant or not and that a test is my best bet. I am just hoping to get some support and feedback to reassure me I am NOT crazy or that I need to chill lol.
My periods are typically pretty regular. Typical symptoms include lower back fatigue, heavy feeling abdomen, cramping, moodiness, and lasting between 4-7 days, with the first 2-3 days being on the heavier side and becoming lighter towards the end. My symptoms only last for the first couple of days.
This month, my period came a day or two early and I had no obvious symptoms that it was arriving. It looked like a true period at first in terms of flow and color. By day two, I was spotting and it became lighter. By day three, I spotted very dark brown discharge (almost black). The following day it turned into light brown spotting. This same spotting has continued for 4 days, with the fourth day being very light. In total, this has lasted 7 days. This isn’t typical for me and caused me to feel like something else was going on, whether it be pregnancy or some other issue.
I have been extremely tired, soreness in my back, fatigue, nauseous periodically throughout the day (mostly in morning and at night), slightly gassy, burning sensation in my upper abdomen form time to time, and loss of appetite (with random interest in eating specific food). The tiredness and nausea came 1 ˝ weeks to my period starting. The rest of the symptoms have been slowly adding on. My husband and I have been doing the pull-out method for 12 years…happily expecting that a baby may be a result of it.
I will add I have been working full time and taking two college classes every 2-3 months since January 2017. I’ve been able to manage the stress well (I thought) and recently have felt a little more stress than usual. This may be causing my period to be out of whack, but to not have the symptoms I typically have is strange to me. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests (morning pee) and they have come back negative.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? After typing this out, it’s obvious I should retest in a week or so if I am still feeling these symptoms. Anyone have a similar experience?
Thanks for letting me vent! The wondering and waiting game in brutal!

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I don't have a personal experience to tell you, but my cousin is currently pregnant with her 3rd. She had a "weird" period and overlooked it then next month came she had no period and tested BFP. I would wait a week and test like you said as some test don't pick up until a week after depending on when you ovulate. You could have ovulated close to your period and it didn't register yet. Good luck and babydust to you!

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PMS symptoms match early pregnancy symptoms, so which is why you could of been feeling that way prior to your period, it's more likely you have had an odd period this month as implantation bleeding is too light, however only way to find out is to wait a week and then test,

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