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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Just want some opinions on what's going on with me

Okay so i'm new here but i've been a lurker for a long while. I'm 23. I've lost three and my recent loss was May 17th, got around 4 months and it was brutal and a horrible experience. Boyfriend and I are not really bothering with preventing pg, he has 2 kids already and we have a strong and very stable relationship, he's just still married. So we're just ready for whatever life throws our way.

My period has DRASTICALLY changed after I lost the twins on the 17th.

So what is going on with me is that i'm always late. ALWAYS. Usually 2-3 days late but this one feels...different.

I was due the 21st, 36th CD, had a dry cm spell for about a week and now it's consistent creamy cm, but not thick or smelly or anything like that.
Consistent cramps on one or both ovaries, backache, excessive eating (the women in my family drop weight but eat a lot in early pregnancy..last time I dropped 40 lbs before I even found out) headaches, and a pressure-like feeling.
I have had no blood in my cm at all, it's just all a little weird.

I'm just unsure what to think.
I've taken 3 tests and all were BFN. I plan on taking another one this weekend if AF hasn't arrived. This doesn't feel like AF but I dont feel like I did last time when I KNEW I was pregnant.

Just some opinions or other stories would be great.
Also looking for a Cycle Buddy!

Thank you!

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