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Hubby had vasectomy but I finished my pill early

Wow it's been a while since I've been on here!
Little background I have 4 wonderful boys aged between 12 & 2 we decided that it wouldn't be practical to have anymore we're both 31 and although I'm one of them where if it happens then it's happened for a reason we decided we'd done our bit and it was time to focus on the 4 we have. Hubby had his vasectomy at the end of June I stayed on my pill but deced to stop it at the end of September as it wasn't agreeing with me, he's not had his check up at the hospital as it's not due until next week and we've not used any protection now I felt this Past week strange, very sickly& dizzy now the only time I've felt like this in the PST is when I've been pregnant 🙈 Now I know its very unlikely but has anyone else got pregnant or know anyone who has after there oh having a vasectomy?
Tia xx

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