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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Help! So confused with dates and signs!

Hi, I'm new to this site. We are not TTC-but not necessarily taking the countermeasures to prevent either. If it happens that's great, and if not, that's okay too. We will be TTC eventually.

I don't track any dates. I do know my cycle is regular and spans 28-29 days.

I am confused because I always spot about two days before my real period picks up. Do I could the first day of spotting as Day 1? Or do I could the first day of red flow as Day 1?

I had my normal spotting followed by a 5-6 day period and we had unprotected sex twice (as in he did not pull out) 4 days after my period ended.

I'm not really sure if that would put us in a fertile zone or not. We already have a 5 year old, and I can't help but feel a bit "out of it" the same way I did with him. I can't explain it, I just feel off.

Anyway, I know I need to test! Just looking for some insight! Thanks!

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