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Help please?

Hi everyone

I might be able post my question here hope it's in the right place!

What I need to ask is can you get pregnant from pre ejaculation fluid? (I'm trying to find a more polite way to call it ) I have a new partner we been together almost 3 months, we are not planning any children just yet but I'm not using any contraceptive for myself and neither is my fella we are using the withdrawal method,

I suffer with pcos and irregular periods and with my first son I had metformin and letrozole to conceive, after having my son I had my period back to every month for the first 11 months after his birth now they have gone to every 2-3 months apart so still irregular but not absent yet like they were before... I guess my question is can you get pregnant from the fluid and if my fella is pulling out just before ejaculation? and if so what are the chances with my pcos of this happening? If anyone knows much about these things I'd be greatful

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It can certainly happen! Did to
my sister! 😃

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I've got two nieces from "pull out".. they are gorgeous tho )))

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You definitely can! My BFF got pregnant with twins using the pull out method.

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Yes.The pre-ejaculate fluid itself does not contain sperm. As the pre-ejaculate leaves the body, however, it may pick up sperm from a previous ejaculation that remains in the urethra. One study found small clumps of sperm in the pre-ejaculate fluid of some men. Though only a few hundred sperm were present, they could theoretically pose a low risk of pregnancy.

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