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wedding 2019 put it off or just have it


Im just wondering if anyone has been preg at their wedding or wanted to get preg before their wedding how did you feel that you couldnt party and have a blast ? Or is there anyone who had a really young bubba when they got married how did you make it work?

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we have just hit the NTNP point. And we are still hoping to get married this August ! It means that all of our children can be at our wedding which I think is nice.

Id definitely go for it ! xx

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I wouldn't want to be pregnant during my wedding but my wedding was right after my daughter was born and it was wonderful. I especially love the pictures. My little family all fixed up and beautiful. My mother helped a lot and kept her happy during the ceremony and all. If you've got the fever, make that baby.

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Our little lady was 8 months at our wedding. We really wanted our baby to be at our wedding however I didn't want to be pregnant on my wedding day so we planned to stop trying if it hadn't worked by a certain month. My sister was a massive help she looked after our daughter most of the day & she stayed with her at night. Although you can't turn off from your child I was really able to relax & enjoy our special day knowing my sister was looking after her. However everyone's different so go with what you feel would be the right thing. Good luck x

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I got pregnant one week after my wedding. Does that count?

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I had a two year old and 1 year old at my wedding and I loved having them involved. My sister looked after them as she hates big family events so having the kids ment she could get away early with them to bed.

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