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Pregnancy or bloating

I am only 19 and been with my boyfriend for 2 years no. I do no think I am ready for a kid but if I were pregnant Iíd make my self ready Iím just very scared.. maybe itís in my head. I honestly donít know. So hereís the story. In January I was on birth control and had been on it for about a year but I ended up stopping the pack in the middle of the second week of pill due to waking up with horrible leg cramping/pain that had been happening more often. So my last period was January 12-16. I stopped the packe January 28 and I had unprotected sex January 29 & 30 and the rebound bleeding from the pill like it normally does after missing three pill started on January 31.

Please I do not need a lecture I know this is my fault and I can understand that so thereís no really excuse I just really need some advice or am I simply overthinking this

So since stopping the pill I have been having unprotected sex but using the pull out method. Over the past 2 weeks Iím noticing Iím eating a more than usual (mostly chocolate and candy) and my stomach has been bloating more than usuall. It happens separatically but it isnít my whole stomach itís typically below my belly button sometimes it looks like the area between my belly button and pelvic bone is distended. Itís not a painful bloating but it makes me feel full all the time. Could this be pregnancy or simply symptoms od going off of birth control?

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if your close to being due again i would take a test. My advise is to use a pink dye test not a blue, blue can mess with your head lol all the best these could all be pregnancy symptoms all the best, please keep us informed

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I agree with the above post. These could be pregnancy related symptoms but then of course they may be side effects from withdrawing off your birth control. Taking a test will hopefully give you the answer
All the best x

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