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Not Trying, Not Preventing. Bfn

Hello, all!
I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat as me so I wanted to open this chat for those who keep having bfns like me and those who might give us glimmers of hope.
My story is that I've been off bc for about a year now with a very regular cycle before, during, and after the pill. My bf and I have been together six years, and even though we weren't ttc, we definitely weren't doing everything in our power to prevent it either. Once you've been together for that long, you just kinda wing it 😘. Normally, this is withdraw method and condoms sometimes right before it gets too intense. Well, as of last month I had brown spotting (way to early to be IB) and I shrugged it off. Got bronchitis early in the month, so shrugged off being dizzy for the entire month of February. I had my last period on January 27th and was due on February 24th. Planned everything out, same as always with a liner ready to go (since I track my periods with the DOT app) and ended up having a late period 11 days late on March 7th. Before this I was in shock. My breasts would do this weird twinging pain thing, my pelvis would cramp as well as my left ovary side (just light cramping). Bfn. Bfn. All the while researching symptoms looking for answers. Negative blood test at 5 days passed due for AF. A million frers. Gynecologist at 10 days passed and she said it was normal but wanted more bw just in case. Didn't get the bw because the next day I spotted light brown the whole day and was ready to vomit that night and got my AF. It lasted two days and it was heavy, then slight bleeding (where I only needed a liner) for a few days. I figure, "oh well," gave in and figured "I'm not pregnant I guess." Even though I still feel off somehow. That period wasn't normal for me, and neither was it being delayed for that long. Took another frer jusy because I kept reading online that you can have your period and still be pregnant, trust your body.... still negative. However, I STILL feel off (pregnant) even though I know it can't be. My symptoms are still there even AFTER AF. Sigh. I would just like to hear from all of you about your stories or glimmers of hope to get me through the negatives.

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