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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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11 Days Late, BFN...what is worng?!

Please help me, I am going insane. i apologize for the long post but I'm freaking out.

Background: 26 yo. My cycle is regular & 29-30 days. Never late beyond that. I do believe I may have scarring in my tubes from an infection that went untreated for awhile when I was 15, so I just assume I will have trouble ttc. I'm not actively ttc, however I have not used any time of contraceptive for the past 3 years; my bf pulls out, we're just kinda going with the flow .

Sunday 7/15, I realized I should have gotten my period already, I checked my App (Flo) and it said I was 5 days late. Took a dollar tree test & BFN.

I also remembered on 6/29 at a work event, the food made me so nauseous I went to the bathroom & got sick...but no nausea since then.

Couldn't sleep all night Sunday. Monday I started having mild cramps & thought AF was finally coming...cramping continued until Wednesday when I started having shooting pains in my left ovary area similar to ovulation pains. I became worried because my mom has PCOS (I've never been diagnosed but do have some symptoms) & actually found out about me because of a cyst.

I went to an Urgent Care Wednesday night but they told me I needed an ultrasound & recommend I go to the Maternity ER as it would be faster than the regular ER. When I showed up I told them I was concerned about a cyst or possible ectopic pregnancy because my test was negative. The nurse told me it would still be positive of it was ectopic (which I know is not always true), but I insisted they please check me out & she said they would list me as pelvic pain & do a pelvic exam. She took urine & ran a pregnancy test & a UTI test.

I waited 4 hours for the doctor to come in & she told me there was nothing wrong with me, the tests came back negative, but I could still be pregnant but just too early to tell & to keep testing. But refused to do blood work or an ultrasound. She then proceeded to tell me to "stay off the internet"...not a great experience. Started prenatal vitamins & cut back on caffeine just in case.

Took another dollar store test Thursday, BFN. Cramping went away but I started having lots of gas.

Took another test Friday, BFN. Cramping came back & had a shooting pain in my left side when I sneezed, so painful made my eyes water. When I got home from work, I was so exhausted I slept from 4pm until 8pm & had a super vivid dream & was still ready to go to bed again at 11pm.

Took another test this morning & BFN. I just wish I'd get a BFP or AF. I'd be happy either way. I am starting to get excited about the possibility of a baby.

Any advise of what may be happening? Anyone have a super late BFP or have a cyst or ectopic that showed up like this?

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