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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Confused / I'm I Being Crazy?!

Hi All,

Total newbie to B&B; hoping some of you lovely ladies can share some of your experiences and wisdom

So, my boyfriend and I have been together a very long time and thus we're not actively trying but would very much welcome a little baba we DTD early hours of Friday night after some hectic celebrations (I think it may have been around 3/4am) we weren't too bothered about protection and so went about business as usual, normally he would pull out but and he's certain he has done so this time. However, I'm not sure I totally believe him he has been reliable in the past but there is something about this time that's got me spooked.

This timing would have been CD9/10 for me after a short 3 day period (standard for me) I'm not sure when I ovulate as I haven't been paying attention.

It's now CD16 and my gums have been killing me since Tuesday, like really really badly it's almost unbearable at times. Also, on Tuesday (CD13) I noticed that I had what I assume to be very free flowing discharge/CM (son tmi) I'm also really tired, getting good sleeps throughout the nights but still could go for mid-evening naps. I also had a very very mild dose of heartburn that lasted may 2-3 mins on Tuesday and have read this is often associated with ovulation?

Totally clueless with all this stuff any advice/thoughts/similar experiences would be very much appreciated. Now isn't totally the right time to be pregnant for me but would still be delighted - how possible do you think this is? It's contsant the gum pain that has sent my brain into overdrive!! (no bleeding gums btw).

Thank you all in advance

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