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11 days late, nausea but negative test

👋 hey guys

So my period was due 21st, Iím like clock work 28 day cycle even to the hour!! This has never happened before since I was pregnant with our son.

Sorry for TMI now but on the 7th onwards I started with stretchy ewcm assumed ovulation was on its way but this later right up to the 16th where I noticed peach coloured streaks in it after doing the deed. This was the first and last time I sore this, thereafter I just had clear watery ewcm and now just normal lotiony cm. I am now officially 11 days late and bfn last took a test At 9 days late ... Iím in two minds wether to wait another week or attend doctors today, I feel they will just fob me off though ... anyone else had this happen? Iíve had nausea and a bit dizzy boobs donít seem too bad just ache on sides and a little sensitive

Any advice would be great

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