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My first FAINT opk since May!! :-)

Hello Ladies,

Ok so i'm on cd20 of a 45 day cycle (or so i thought) but today i got my first test line show very, very faintly on opk, as all the one's til now have been whiter than white i was shocked! then all excited ............and then it hit me...........what do i do now???? do i bd everyday now til it goes again or do i wait til tomorrow and see if it's a stronger line???

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Mum (Mom)
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They say you usually begin TTC BDing at the sign of a positive opk, but if its slightly a different color it isnt a positive. But you can always PRACTICE in bed hehe ..goodluck.

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When I came off the pill I used the Ovulation Tests and didnt get a positive result at all. On month 4 the line was extremely faint (no where near the control line) which apparently is a negative result. However that was the month I got pregnant.

You might have low levels of that hormorne in the first place so that could be your rise (thats what I think).

I am sort of more Not Trying than NTNP at present but want to start trying next month or Sept and I am unsure about using the Ovulation Tests again. They freaked me out a bit that I didnt get a proper result and I was convinced I wasnt ovulating. I take my BBT now to learn my cycle and plan to just go for it mid month.

Just wanted to give you my experience of the faint line.

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