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so many positive opks: please help

i got a positive opk with clearblue digital (smiley face) on cd 11..which was really early. it lasted only 6 hrs as i took another opk later that day and got negative. Tested the next day at cd 12 nothing (tested twice); tested cd 13 positive opk at 930am and lasted until cd 14 at 1:00pm; so like 30 hrs. the clearblue fertility monitor gave me a peak at cd 14 and cd 15. Fertility Friend has be ovulating on cd 15.

i happen to take ovulation kit clearblue digital at cd 16 and got another smiley...but i thought i was atleast 1dpo

has anyone experienced this...

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Gosh I don't know the answer but I would say your body tried to O on cd 11 but didn't and then maybe succeeded later around cd15 ..... Good luck sorry I couldn't help more!

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