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Positive OPK for 6 days in a row, Clearblue digital

My husband and I have been ttc for about 16-17 months now. This month I decided to break down and do the clearblue digitals. I go about 6-7 weeks between periods, so I ended up taking 30 tests, starting the day after my period ended. Nothing. So I bought the more expensive brand, that shows the two peak and two high days. On day 32 I got my first positive, my peak. Also had a peak on day 33. Then on days 34, 35, 36, 37 I got my high peak. I'm just really surprised to still be seeing a high peak when that's supposed to be the day you ovulate. I mean, I love my husband, but its been nonstop trying since the day I got the positive...he seriously wakes me up 5 times a night, lol.

I was just wondering if this is normal? I've never done the digital ones before. Glad I did, even if they were pricey. But now I'm confused. I know normally tests say to stop testing after a positive, but on this packet it says to continue testing..

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I use the digitals but only get the smiley for two days max. I have 29/30 day cycles though so maybe you get a longer surge with longer cycles? Have you been investigated as you have been trying for a while?

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I am currently on my 8th positive day in a row with clearblue advanced opk! No solid "peak" smiley, all flashing "high" smileys. Rather curious about this situation myself. My last cycle was 35 days, and I believe that was because it was my first cycle after stopping the pill (used microgestin but used it to skip every other period- probably causing a long cycle). Thinking my body is going to eventually re-adjust to shorter cycles- as long as we don't get preggers of course! But the prolonged positives are annoying, esp because the kit only has ten sticks! Guess if nothing changes before AF/TWW and I run out of sticks, I'll just have to make sure we BD every other day at least but more sticks would've been nice- especially for the price of the kit! Also frustrating bc at the beginning of these 8 days of flashing smileys, cm was very EW/watery, and it's since turned creamy, making me think that I'm likely not about to ovulate at this point? On CD 21 today. Grr. Any thoughts?

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Hi ladies!
I am sorry, I have never used the digitals so I cannot help in that respect.

Skylily - I just wanted to pop in because I noticed in your post that you said your husband wakes you up multiple times a night to BD. My fertility specialist said it's not good to BD that much. She said it's best to wait at least 24 hrs. (very minimum 12hrs.) She explained to me that if you BD too much within a 24-48hr period that it can make a man with a healthy amount of sperm seem almost infertile with each ejaculation. A man needs a certain amount of time to "recoop" his sperm. If not, you're just getting Juice but none of the good baby gravy that you need. (baby gravy...)

I could be wrong, but it makes sense I guess. Tell him that and maybe you'll get a little bit of a break!

I use the cheapie test strips from and some I ordered on ebay and they work great!!! I got 50 OPKs and 20 ICs off of ebay for $9.99 w/free shipping. I used them this cycle along with the other kind I used when I got BFP with daughter a couple of years ago. I wanted to test out how reliable they were. They showed +OPK at the same time as my test strips from
Just an FYI in case you'd like to use something like that too as a back-up. The ones from ebay were from a store called clinicalguardga.

Will stalk to find out what happens with digital OPKs.

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