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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ttc after d&c following miscarriage

Hi everyone. I had a miscarriage last Feb at 5-7 weeks gestation. I did not have a d &c as the Dr's said it was a complete miscarriage. Fast forward 1year later I was 12 weeks and ended up having a miscarriage. Had to have a d&c to complete the miscarriage. Was devastated.

Dr said we should wait 2 weeks for sex but we made it only 10 days.

We had sex day before i ovulated and day of ovulation.
I know it was ovulation due to test strip being positive (following a negative the 2 days before and cervical mucus appeared egg white,I also had positive saliva ovulation microscope test.)
My ovulation test was posotive for 2 days and then suddenly negative followed by light bleeding that lasted only a few hours and was heavier than spotting but not heavy as a period as it was alot of mucus mixed in. Could it be true ovulation or just my body being wacky?

Is there anyone out there who conceived right after d&c and has successful pregnancy

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Sorry for your losses. It's never easy. My first D&C, My doc told me to wait for 1 cycle to pass before ttc again ...I tried but I got impatient but my cycle did come but after that first cycle came and gone I got pregnant again. It took about a month (1 AF cycle) and I ended up miscarrying again naturally at 4 wks but I didn't wait after that lost we jumped right bk in ttc and got pregnant right after I finished m/c and he's 4 yrs old today playing in front of me ❤️❤️

Everyone is different and everyone body does differently. I know my story isn't the most encouraging out of all that I still was blessed with a child.

FX for you

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