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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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One positive one flashing smiley?

Hi! So my husband and I have been TTC since February of 2015. I went to the doctor sometime in October 2015 and was told i have annovulation. She wanted to wait until January 2016 to begin Letrozole, did 3 months of meds with two resulting in ovulation but no pregnancy. We had to wait until July 2016 to start the meds again and had three months of ovulation with no positive, then we were unable to try again for 7 months. I decided I needed to switch practitioners and went to my new one in May 2017, she switched me to Clomid...finally. I took the Clomid May 10th-14th, day 5-9 of my cycle. I was unable to go in for blood work on cycle day 22 so we weren't sure it worked. We took a HPT on june 6th and got a BFN, then on June 7th I had spotting, which I have never experienced before so we got kind of excited but knew that testing again wouldn't work at the time. I only bleed once that day and then nothing until June 10th when I had the same thing happen and decided to take another test and got a BFP! We took two more the next morning june 11th and both said positive. We were flying home that day and on the flight I started cramping and bleeding, more than the spotting but not as much as a period. We went to the DR when we landed but before we got there i had a greyish purple tissue deposit and was pretty sure i had MC. the blood test showed HCG at 25 so they couldn't say for sure and I went to my regular DR June13th and HCG was at 7. My current practitioner sent my to a differnt doctor who confirmed a chemical pregnancy and wanted to wait to prescribe Clomid until I had a regular cycle again. This is where my question comes in, I bled from June 11th to June to June 14th, a normal cycle length for me. I started to notice sign of ovulation even though I'm not on Clomid this month so I started using clear blue digital advance ovulation predictor. I started them on the 17th of June and got a negative that day then everyday since then I've gotten a flashing smiley, but I wanted to make sure so I started doing two test with same urine sample on June 21st. At 6am, 1130am, 1pm and 830pm i got one flashing and one neg, then at 1130pm i got two flashing. Today at 8am i got two flashing and at 430pm I got one solid and one flashing. I'm supposed to start progesterone 3 days after ovulation, so now I don't know when to start. I was planning on waiting 4 days AFTER I got a solid smiley face (if i got one at all) but now I'm wondering if I should wait until I get a second solid smiley to be safe? I know it can mess up your cycle if you take it at the wrong time and don't want my cycle to be extended, making us wait another month. Is there even a chance I could ovulate this month since I'm not on Clomid? What should I do?? sorry this is so long! Thank you for any advice or knowledge!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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STEP AWAY FROM THE DIGI TESTS! You do not need to take that many, nor in the same sample of urine. NEVER use FMU unless they ask for it ( and Adv do so youre good there)

Its recommended to test 2x a day. In this case with CB Adv- id do FMU and then before or after dinner. That gives you a good time frame.

Sometimes women can have a quick/short surge but not within a matter of hours or minutes in the time frame youre talking about.

and i call BS on your m/c being a chemical. I think it was a missed m/c.

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i don't think the cb digi's are as accurate as we're lead to believe. I had flashing smilies for 12 days before I gave up, yet what I think was positive on ICs. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the cb advanced!
You definitely could ovulate, I'd maybe call your doctor for advice.

Good luck!

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