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Only one line cd12

Hey ladies! First month of trying to use ovulation tests to track my cycle. 29 day cycle usually, I'm on day 12 now, usually bleed for 7-8 days. Iv been doing tests since cd9 and there's only one line everytime. I'm doing them at the right time of day, has anyone experienced just one line everytime. I can't find anything online, everyone has 2 lines one, test line faint. Already have 2 children. Am I just not ovulating this month? Anyone know??

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You probably just haven't surged yet. Being CD12 it's unlikely that you missed it with a 29 day cycle. I have 28 to 30 days and I usually don't get a positive one until CD 14 or 15. For me, SMU has been most effective for me. Go to the bathroom when you get up, hold it as long as you an without drinking much of anything. Just catch up on your fluids after you test. Mine usually go back and forth from no line to a line to no line to BAM! positive. It's different for everyone.

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