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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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OPK as Pregnancy Test

Hello everyone... well I hope some people read this and give their input.

So I had a positive OPK on 6/22 (with signs of ovulation the next day), and then negative. Just for fun I tried one on 6/28 because I had some twinges, and got another positive. I know that I most likely geared up on the 22nd and then didn't ovulate, and tried again on the 28th.

I researched and found that some people got a positlve OPK before they got a positive HPT test when pregnant. LH and HCG are similar, so the OPK can't distinguish between the two.

So, if technically you can use an OPK as a pregnancy test, couldn't it use the Total amount of LH + HCG in your blood (since we all have some LH at all times) to give a positive OPK for pregnancy?

The OPK I use (Easy@Home) says that it detects 25mlU/ml of LH.

So, in my logic, it would be possible to get a Positve OPK before you get a Positive HCG test if you Add the 2 hormone levels together and LH is higher and HCG is lower.

Any thoughts?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I have used as opk as a pregnancy test but i wouldnt say it was truely positive until 11dpo and i had gotten a bfp at 8dpo.

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I did the same with both pregnancies... didn't turn true positive till about 11-12 dpo. I found out with both at 9dpo on ic PG test.

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That's interesting. I know they go positive when pregnant, but unsure about levels required!

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I just got my 2-3 on a digi and my opk is still negative. In my other pregnancys they have never turned postive until week 5.

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Ditto what others have said: in my experience, opks don't turn positive until a little later in pregnancy (definitely after turning a pregnancy test positive)

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