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Positive OPK before AF/BFP?

I'm 19 DPO (going off my fertility signs and positive OPK) - I'm still testing BFN though. I've only had 25mIU internet cheapy strips to use, so have been wasting some OPKs and they've been faint, and then today I dipped 3 different tests from 3 different batches and the OPKs were all positive.

Has anyone had this happen?

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Your situation may be totally different, but that happened to me when I geared up to ovulate but didn't, then got another positive opk much later in the cycle (cd32ish?) and finally ovulated for real (which was confirmed by the conception of DD1) Good luck and I hope you figure out the craziness soon!

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I've had almost positive opk's right before AF, but they aren't quite as dark as the control line. They usually gradually darken after around 11dpo. I've also tested out opk's as pregnancy tests and I have to be honest that for me they didn't go positive till I had a pretty clear line on a first response. Like pp said it could be that you geared up to ovulate but didn't.

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