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Help/advice needed please!

Hi ladies

So today is CD14 and I'm working on the fact that my cycle length is around 32 day's. It can fluctuate by a day or 2 but last couple were 32. Anyway this morning I got a smiley on a Clear blue ovulation test and a without a doubt positive on a IC. Thing is I skipped the flashy smiley your ment to get a day or 2 before the normal smiley is this ok? Anyone familiar with these tests? Also do I now count today as Ovulation day or not? I want to be able to know when or how to work out how many dpo I'll be. When do I say I'm 1dpo for example? Tomorrow? Sorry for all the questions but I've not tracked ov for years so a little rusty lol


Ooops sorry just seen I've posted on the wrong forum! Apologies!

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I think unless you use bbt as well itís very difficult to say exactly when you O for dpo purposes. Because the opks say you will ovulate in the next day (or so) but that could be today, or tomorrow, or depending on the time of your OPK and the brand you use some say up to 48 hours away.

I usually take the day after my positive OPK as ovulation day and count from there. But itís just a guess.

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