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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Advice needed!

Hi all

I am little bit confused as far as Ovulation goes. So I've been tracking ov using opks. I got an extremely near positive on monday afternoon then an absolute blazing positive and a smiley on a cb digital on Tuesday which was CD14. My last 2 cycles have been 32 days so I assumed I would be the same again this cycle but then surely I have ov too early? I tested with opks again this morning and they are now abit fainter. Still clear but not what you'd class as positive so does that mean I have finished ovulation? Am now 1dpo or when does that start? I have alot of cm still though so am I still fertile? I am literally so confused lol i really need some advice. Dh and I have pretty much BD every night if not every other night since cd 3 so have i covered this month enough or do I carry on? Ov calculators based on my cycle length predicted me to ov on cd 18 and carry on my fertile period to the 26th but as i got a smiley and a postive opk on cd 14 I've already ovulated right? So when would AF be due? Any advice will be so greatly received. I have no idea when is the earliest to start testing with pregnancy tests either lol TIA x

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