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Clearblue Advance...... HELP

So you will have to bare with me as this is my first month ever using this type of OPK. My cycle is normally 31 days long so as in the insert said I started testing cycle day 13 and that day I received a " low" result... which I had expected. The next day cycle day 14 I tested "low" again. Now cycle day 15,16,17 and now today 18 I have received a "high" result. I have been using my FMU with these as the insert asks. out of curiosity I had taken a cheapie opk I have from amazon around noon and I had a somewhat darker line than the clear blue did this morning.... I know both test use different dyes so I really shouldn't take the difference in to account.
My question is how many of you ladies have used Clear Blue advance and had success? If you did use it how many days of "high" results did you get before you had your peak day? On my period/ fertility app it says I was supposed to ovulate today but still no positive test to date. i know that date is not set in stone but my lines are getting darker so that's a good thing.
i appreciate any advice given
i will attach a picture of my amazon OPK below.

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Hi there - I used Clearblue advance last month and I am using again this month. I had 8 days of high fertility before finally getting peak on day 9/ cd 21 in the afternoon. Those flashing smiley faces were taunting me. I ovulated on cd 21out of my normal 34. Now this month Iím on cd 18 and Iím feeling O pains and just tested and it was still high. Iíve noticed the lines on clear blue were all over the place, and the only time it was different was when I peaked. I would hold out a few more days. I started testing twice a day after like day 4 of high bc i wasnít sure. Fx for you! Hope this helps!

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Never used the clear blue, but from the cheapie, itís fefinitely not close to positive. The test line is still much lighter than the control. Good luck!

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