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About how many days after af ends will you get a positive ovulation test?

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That depends on your cycle.

Most of the women with regular cycles ovulate around day 14. Meaning you can get a positive test 24-48h before.
Personally, with my irregular cycles i had positive OPKs in day 11, but also in day 18.

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Like she said above, average is 14 days. Some are different. For instance, my friend told me last night that she averages getting her O 16 days after AF, BUT... she got a positive OPK today... 4 days early. I start testing about a week before my O day just in case it changes. According to my FF app, I'm supposed to O on Monday but according to my OPKs it looks like it might be tomorrow.

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Yes.. Last month ive ovulated on cd11-cd12.. This month ive ovulated on cd20 which is surprising late! Just monitor ur bb temp and cm for those egg white texture.. if u have the chance to use opks if available.. Do try from cd10 onwards..

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