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Please help!

Hello ladies!

DH and I are starting to TTC for #3 starting April! I have just finished the pill and my cycle is due to start in 3-4 days. I have a regular 28 day cycle. I have ordered some OPK's and I plan on using them, if in a few months still no luck I will start temping too.

I have a few questions about OPK's as i've never really used them lol

- What cycle day should I start testing?
- Do I test everyday?
- Morning or evening? Both?
- I've read the test line has to be as dark/darker then the control line to be positive, is this correct?

Any other tips you'd like to add feel free

Thanks! I really appreciate it

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Hi Dear!

- What cycle day should I start testing?
You can start testing from 5 days after your last pill if you are taking fertility drugs e.g Clomid, or CD13 for natural.

- Do I test everyday?
If you have alot to spare, why not? But the best or recommend time to test is between 2pm (some says 10am) and 8pm with the longest pee you can hold.

- Morning or evening? Both?
I usually do it in the evening at around 5pm where I was able to hold my pee from 1pm to 5pm till i reach home. And rarely do it twice a day unless nearing CD14-CD16 for 28days cycle)

- I've read the test line has to be as dark/darker then the control line to be positive, is this correct?
Yes dear, in our urine, the LH will always be present. And seeing faint lines on the tests are considered as negative.. You need to find those which are as dark as the control line or darker to say ovulation has taken place also known as it's POSTIVE.

This cycle I am on clomid #2, CD2-CD6.. When i tested on CD11 onwards, it was dark but i have no CM present.. Dry as a sahara! And I found out clomid could give false positive surge LH (experience from my last clomid cycle.. Then on CD19 I started getting EWCM which is surprising and more CM on CD20. When i did my OPKs on CD20, it was darker than the control line within 10mins. And darker after the 10mins frame. I even tested on CD21, the line wasn't as dark as CD20. So from there I knew i've ovulated on CD20. with the cramps and the fertile cm.

Hope it helps!

Below photo:

- with 2 test (that was from my last cycle with false positive test. BFN then AF)

- with 1 test (taken from this cycle, the test line was darker than the control line. We BD CD17, CD20, CD22.

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