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Opk as pregnancy test

Currently breastfeeding my 4 month old.. have had mild cramping and tender nipples while breastfeeding.
Got me wondering if I'm pregnant... Found this old ovulation test which hasn't come up positive but quite a clear line.

Should this be negative now that AF is due any day or chance I'm pregnant.

Should I post this in pregnancy test forum?


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I used OPKs about 2 days before AF was supposed to come. They came back full blown positive and the line was just as dark as the control line, i did test with a HPT the day before AF to arrive and it did come back positive.

One thing with OPKs is you can have another LH rise just before AF so cant really use OPKs as the determining factor but it def led me to buy HPT and got my BFP.

Good Luck!

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I usually get pos opk before AF come

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