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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Should I use my FR test tomorrow?

Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong place, I'm using OPK's but more as a pregnancy test, so I really couldn't decide which place they needed to be, so feel free to amend.

Basically I'm getting BFN on pregnancy tests, so I thought, since theres a theory that you can use OPK's to detect pregnancy, and since I nearly always have a line on an OPK I can compare lines... and I got this...


Top; my current cycle and the circle is when I got my positive OPK, so it makes me 8dpo right? I thought this was too early to test but the app I have says 'period in 5 days' so my 6 day before period test would be good right?

Middle; is a test I've just done on an OPK at 8dpo

Bottom; is last months OPK at 7dpo, clearly I get POAS twitchy half way through my 2WW

I only have one FR test left and its going to take a few days to get another (because I order them online for cheaper) BUTTTT its fathers day tomorrow here in the UK and if I am that would be the coolest thing ever, but I'm just wondering if it would give me an accurate result since my internet cheapie was totally BFN this morning, and if I get a BFN on that I'm not going to buy any more tests till AF has been.

thanks in advance, oh and yes I know I spelt 'apk' on the picture, I'm tired

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Don't really have advice but didn't want to read and run.. but I knew I was pregnant on my second baby (my hubby says I have sixth sense with it lol)

But I had no preg test so I tested with ovulation one 2 lines came up straight away I was late on my af by 2 days so defo was not ovulating.. got my bfp the next day..

Best of luck and hopefully it is the start of your bfp

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