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Ovulation test question.. newbie


I'm new to using ovulation test so apologies if this is a silly question..

I had a positive test yesterday.. 2nd line was darker control line.. loads of ewcm very stretchy (sorry tmi)

We bd twice last night (done it on Monday and Tuesday also) took a test today and the 2nd line is fading no where near as dark as it was yesterday? Should I still bd or am I not ovulating anymore? If read once the 2nd line is lighter than the control line it's not a positive test?

Sorry if it is a silly question.. 3rd baby but first time tracking my cycle

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You should still BD. It takes 12- something hours to ovulate. Good luck.

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Mum (Mom)
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Hey hun 1st of all no question is silly. After your first positive it's 12-36 hours after your still fertile so get dtd good luck xx

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The OPK tests for the hormone LH. You will ovulate 24-36 hours AFTER an LH serge. So the last time you had a positive OPK was probably about 24 hours before you ovulated, so definitely continue to BD for a couple days after that.

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