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Can you ovulate after a positive opk turns negative?

If a test goes negative after going positive does it mean that I have ovulated already? The whole story is below:

I'm having some weird things going on with my IC OPKs. Yesterday I got my first peak on my cbfm and my opk was the darkest it has been but not as dark as the control line. I took the test again this morning and it was lighter. I took another one now and it's almost negative again.

Does this mean I already ovulated since the test is goin negative again? My temperature hasnt got higher yet and Ff hasnt detected ovulation yet so I'm confused.

How soon after the test going negative do you ovulate? Or do you ovulate while it's positive?

Also, does anyone else get only faint opk lines?

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i dont know much about IC OPK but i do know that u get a positive OPK when ur about to O. the opk detects a serge that ur body is preparing to O in the next 12-48hrs.

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You can take a look at my chart if you wish...

An OPK detects the LH surge that happens which TRIGGERS ovulation to occur. So when you start getting positive OPKs, that means ovulation will be happneing in 12-36 hours.

To get pregnant, you will want to BD the day or two PRIOR to the positive OPK, the day of the positive and the day after to make sure you catch the fertile window.

Fertility friend measures for three consecutive temperatures OVER the coverline. The chart won't show ovulation UNTIL those three consecutive temps... so by the time FF shows you the day of ovulation, the fertile window has gone.

So where does that leave us? OPK's help us predict our ovulation day prior to its arrival. BBT tracking through FF or another site gives you the piece of mind that you DID in fact ovulate. AND that gives you a good idea when you possibly conceived and when you can test.

Together, these methods of tracking fertility support one another, but individually I find that they just don't give me enough information. OPKs tell me I 'might' ovulate in a day or two, but doesn't definitely tell me I did. And on the other hand BBT tells me "Yup, you for sure ovulated 4 days ago - but sorry you missed the opportunity to make a baby."

SOOO... long story short, I use both to fill in the information that the other is missing...

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