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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Positive OPK CD 31 & CD 32- is this normal?

I know the top one is positive, how about the bottom? The bottom is from today. How long does the LH surge last? This is CD 32 for me! Last month I olvulated on CD 22. Is it possible to get pregnant with such019.jpg a late ovulation?

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you can ovulate at any time. Ovulation might be delayed due to hormonal imbalance, stress, illness, etc.

And certainly no matter when you ovulate, if you ovulate you can certainly conceive!

It doesn't necessarily matter how many positives you have, you always start the ovulation countdown (the 12-36 hour timer until ovulation) after the FIRST positive opk. But for the record, mine is usually only one day.

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