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That must have been really scary for your friend, especially as a child was mentioned too I'm glad everything was ok in the end. xxx

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I know this thread is old but I couldn't help but comment.

First off psychic 101. Never. Ever. Give out a warnin like that UNLESS you are completely 100% positive it will happen. Which. Most seers never are. Especially if you are a decent seer. You know better. However. Just by throwing that caution out there the likely hood of it actually occur in is slimmer that is had been. If the vision is correct.
The worst part about this is it CAN be the death of a stage in your life. Most visions are symbolic and interpretation is KEY here! What does this mean to you personally?

For example if it was a vision meant for me it would mean getting over my fear of cars. The death of a fear.

Please don't take any psychic vision as gospel. As the future is ever changing. You could decide not to leave the house one day and your future would completely change due to that one decision. You could leave and meet your soul mate. But none of it should stop you from living life. Because that is when you stop living which defeats the purpose of being alive.
So rethink what she said. Silver cars can mean silver linings. Freeway can mean a fast life. And so on and so forth.

Ok I'll stop spamming the paranormal section now!!

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