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Baby "Psychics"

Just some feedback on my experience with 2 of the well known online baby psychics.

I bought my first reading from 'Cheri22' and paid for it. I got it about a week later and she said she saw a girl and related her to the month of June as the conception month, the birth month or the month I find out in (which in my opinion is very vague and bumping up her chances of being right in 1 of the 3)

My second reading was from Suzy Rayne and she said that she saw my BFP coming in August 2013 from a cycle that started in July 2013 and that my due date would be April 2014. She also saw a girl.

Welllllll needless to say they were both WRONG - I got my BFP in April, and my due date will be in January 2014. I mean they could be right about the gender, I can't find out yet, but not even CLOSE on the dates

So please, please don't waste your money - unless you FULLY understand that it really is for nothing more than entertainment purposes.

I emailed them both back and told them they were wrong.

Baby Dust to all.

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I completely agree. I bought three from different ones a couple years back and they were all wrong. One of which was Cheri22.

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I had my first from Gail @

Hers said boy, Correct, Month Oct (which would of been when id of found out but tested few days earlier thinking i was further on) and Born June. Correct, DD 1st June & he came then

Looking forward to the next one il buy soon now we are ttc #2

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They're all scam artist, there is no such thing as psychics, so no surprise there

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I was told I'd have trouble conceiving before number 1 baby, but wasn't too hard with hi, this time though...

Will wait and see about the twins theory pinned on me since I was in my early teens.

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I hate the gender ones lol as your either right or your not!

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I had a reading from cherri22 and she told me she saw may and girl. I had another one from a different physic and she told me twin boy and girl November last year, I bought another reading from her curious to see if it was the same answer and she told me boy and September. So apparently I'm having a boy... or a girl... or both!....

I'm not going to waste my money on them anymore, their okay if there free just for entertainment but other than that I'm not bothering.

But I do believe in these physics you pay to go and see. My mum and me went to one last year and he knew stuff no one could of. He also said I'd be pregnant in the next two years (so by September 2014) he told her I was worrying about fertility but I didn't have anything wrong with me, so we'll soon see. It was just interesting that he knew I was ttc and worrying about it. I have two other sisters and he said one of them had a little girl, and the other wouldn't be able to have kids, which is also true.

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Cherri was wrong for me, as well as Gail. I suggest not wasting your money

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Jennyrenny was DEAD ON for me.

She predicted, three years in advance, that I would get my BFP in August off a cycle that began in July, and my [son] born in May, specific reference to the 4th.

In 2008, I did have a boy...but in August 2010, I conceived off a cycle that began July 25, and although I was due April 27, I went over and had my daughter on May 4.

Cheri, back in 2008, predicted that a friend of mine, who is close to my age, would give birth to twin girls in the upcoming March. Sure enough, a mom that I go to playgroup with gave birth to her twin girls on March 10, her son's 2nd birthday.

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