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going crazy?!

Hi ladies, I was just wondering if anyone may be able to shed some light on this for me. I was sat watching tv earlier today and out of no where I get this voice in my head telling me baby is going to arrive within the next day or so. I realise this may just be me going crazy! However, since then I've not been able to shake the thought. Just wondered if anyone here would mind doing a reading / prediction on this for me to maybe put my mind at rest?

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Listen to your intuition!

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I think your body tells you, the night before I went into labour with LO I thought something was going to happen though I had no contractions, in the morning I told DH that he needed to make sure phone was on since I thought something might happen and sure enough I started having contractions not many hours long after, I had my baby shower the weekend before (started contractions Wednesday) and they asked when I thought I would give birth for a game and I said then I thought it would be that week, I just turned 39 weeks pregnant when started contractions and had my lo 39+1. I think being pregnant lets you be more in tune with your body

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