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My Grandad passed away and now I'm experiencing strange things

I got a phone call on Monday morning from my Dad to say my poor Grandad had taken a turn for the worst and didn't have much time. I picked up my cousins and we all travelled to the hospital to meet our parents there. We were there less than an hour before he sadly passed away.

But since then I have been having strange things happen in my house. When I got back from the hospital I went home to tidy the house before collecting my children from my mil. As I went to leave to get them out the corner of eye I saw him standing in my living room - twice! It was as clear as day. Yesterday I was putting my shopping away and someone was repeatedly tapping my lower back, the children were all in bed asleep and my hubby was out. Then I found my necklace broken last night. Part of the clasp was gone, I know it wasn't like this when I took it off because I did the clasp up. Then today whilst talking to one of my cousins I had the back tapping sensation again. Not long after I went to go out in my car and both the rear doors of the car were open, I know they were shut (and locked) after we got out of it this morning cus I walked round the car a few times doing things to it so I'm certain they were all shut.

Am I going mad imagining these things or is he still with me? Please help! xxx

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I definitely believe it would be him! When i lost my relative, these kind of things would happen to me,sometimes it was upsetting, but mostly just comforting to know they are there xxx

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It's definitely your grand dad, would you like me to do a quick reading for you?

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