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my mother reads tea leaves, does automatic writing, tarot and has visions a lot. her grandmother did a lot of the same things. all the family seems to be some what spiritual. i've always seen 'things' and it freaks me out. my mum said if i was to chill out i'd be an interesting one as spirits always seem to try to contact me (ever since i was a kid) but im just not open to it. im too much of a scaredy cat lol.

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Originally Posted by NerdyMama View Post
Originally Posted by CarlyP View Post
Originally Posted by NerdyMama View Post
I used to have a great gift of seeing spirits. At 16 however I had a terrifying experience and blocked myself. About 2 years after that I tried to re open the block. My gift is back but nothing like before.
I also did this while pregnant with my DS but by working in my circle it has come back
What kind of things did you do? I'm trying to figure out of I absolutely want it back full swing. It got really intense. However I really feel I could help people and the study of the paranormal if it was back.... I dunno lol
I meditate, do tarot readings, but mediation has really helped

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Not really a gift, but i "sense" a lot before it happens, like accidents, pregnancies. Normally have dreams about things, like in metaphors, and a few days later things happen..
Nothing real or serious, but it makes me laugh when real things happen! (beside accidents, those were not fun)

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I wouldn't say I'm psychic either, but I am very perceptive of human behavior patterns.

However, weird things have happened...the other night I had an anxiety attack out of nowhere while staying with my parents and my cat ran away from home while my OH was at work at the same time. I have weird things happen like that all the time.

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