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Jenny Renny and Panrosa?

Are these the same people? Or have others had similar readings from them?

I had a reading a couple of days ago from Panrosa and she predicted that I would have a conception from a cycle that begins in March. So the day before yesterday I requested a Jenny Renny reading and she has just sent me my reading saying exactly the same thing

I'm not reading too much into it, and just taking it as a bit of fun, even though I'd love it to be true and will do my very best to get that BFP.

Just wondering if anyone else had had similar readings from these two?

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I haven't had a reading from Jenny Renny but I did have one from Panrosa and she unfortunately was wrong as she predicted a BFP for 6 months ago and nothing yet, but she is lovely! Sorry I can't help on whether they're the same person though :s xxx

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