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Baby Bugs Due February 2013

Congratulations to all you mama's on the births of your beautiful babies! We were all due february but some babies had other ideas and didn't want to have a february birthday!

Babies from February 2013 Love Bugs are as follows:

10th December Kitty_love and baby Blake

2nd January Best Step Mum and baby Daniel
19th January Future Hopes and baby Lilly
28th January Nixilix and baby Jude
28th January Staybeautiful and baby Ruaridh
30th January Whisperofhope and baby Lena
31st January rem_82 and baby Emily

February LoveBugs
2nd February Farida and baby Aliyah
4th February MileyMamma and baby Florence
4th February Blue Eyes 81 and baby Zoey
4th February Seity and baby Samuel
6th February Sevenofnine and baby Annika
8th February Fruitymeli and baby (name)
8th February Yellow11 and baby Oliver
8th February Jembug and baby Ruby
8th February Rota and baby Mei
10th February Lindylou and baby Thomas
10th February ClaireJ23 and baby Isabella
11th February Midnight Fairy and baby Jade
12th February Jessica28 and baby Ashley
12th February Saysib and baby Calum
13th February Blue Bear and baby Matilda
13th February Tntrying22 and baby Whitten
14th February Mrsswaffer and baby Harrison
14th February Cherrylee and baby Azialain
14th February Gflady and baby Theodore
14th February Babydreams85 and baby Weston
18th February Fides and baby Tobias
18th February Luckyno3 and baby Phoebe
20th February Perpetualmama and baby Anneliese
21st February xLaura and baby Jayden
22nd February Embo216 and baby Connor
23rd February AmeliePoulain and baby Elodie
23rd February Miss Ashley and baby Bennet
24th February Wiggler and baby Sophie
25th February Newt4 and baby Elsie

1st March Smileyfaces and baby Jack
1st March Munchkinlove and baby Olivia
4th March BeccaxBump and baby Lily

If you have had your baby and are not on the list above then leave a reply and I will get you added on!

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Adding to my subscription list Thanks Smiley

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Got my spot

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Ready for when my baby comes!

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No baby just yet, but I have subscribed!!

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Subscribed Thanks for setting it up hun x

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Added! Now all I need is the baby! Xxx

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Subscribed up. Just waiting on the baby

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yup, now that we've subscribed there's nothing holding back those babies from coming! Except maybe the fact that my bassinet is still in the basement >.<

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