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I have a female cat who's 13 months old and currently infested with fleas, eurgh it's horrible.

I've done all the 'correct' things ~ treated her with frontline, hoovered every where including the furniture daily, bathed the cat, washed all clothing and bedding etc, combed her, frozzle bombs, spray and stuff for the carpet.

Anyway, all of this is seeming futile as Jasmine is still covered in fleas! Every time I comb her I'm getting around 40 live fleas and I'm combing her at least once a day. It's so frustrating, I worry for Jasmine because it can't be nice for her but I also feel really dirty because I can't seem to sort it out.

Has anyone got any ideas?


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Frontline seems to not be affective anymore. There is a flea stuff called advocate that is suppose to be pretty good, or you can get one called stronghold from your vets, it is really good. When my cat has fleas I combed her a couple of hours later and was combing dead ones out.

Also it is abit expensive but it is really good, Indorex spray for indoors. You only have to use it once a year. Its about 20 for a can of it from the vets or you can buy it online. Spray it in all the nooks and crannies, especially by radiators, you cats bedding etc.


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