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One of my kittens keeps having "accidents" on my bed. Advice?

I have two kittens. One male, one female. I found them outside when they were really little. Since I've had them, they have only had a few accidents while I was training them to use a litter box indoors. I've had no issues with them having accidents since about the first week I had them. They are about 5 months old right now.

They were both spayed and neutered earlier this week. The morning after, I noticed one of them had peed on my bed. I didn't think much of it as I assumed they were both confused from coming off of the medication from the surgeries. Then, today, 4 days after the surgeries, one of them peed on my bed again. They both sleep on the bed with me, so this is confusing me. They are using the litterbox just fine except for these two incidents. The girl is still taking pain medication, but the boy is not. I do not know which one had the accident.

The one coincidence that I noticed is that both times the accidents have happened have been when my on again-off again boyfriend is around. Today the accident happened when I was talking to him about something at my door. The kittens used to stay with him and there have been issues with the kittens and him getting along well in the past. Could the kittens be acting out against him? My bed is the only furniture that I have in my apartment at the moment, and he has sat on it before, so maybe the kittens smell him on it?

Anyway, does anyone know what I should do? Does this seem territorial or like acting out? Could it be a reaction to the medication they received at their surgery? Is it marking? I've had cats my whole life but I've never had issues like this before.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions! I have to bring the kittens for a follow up shot appointment in a few weeks so I plan on asking a vet then. In the mean time, I'd love to be able to prevent any future accidents if I can.

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Usually when a kitten pee on a spot, they keep peeing at that same spot. So maybe the urine smell is still there. Try to remove it as much as you can. (I think cleaning with vinegar helps).

Most of the time, cats mark their territory because of the other cats. I heard peeing in odd places is worst when they just been nutered or spayed. Again, I think removing the scent helps them from remarking their territory.

Or sometimes the cat have an UTI and they can not make it to tye litterbox in time.

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My oldest cat used to do this before we got her spayed. We learned that it was either her kitty box was not cleaned enough or she was going through heat.

I would do what the above poster suggested. Also, it could be they do not like your bf. Did he treat them badly when they lived with him? I am sure you will never know but cat's are very picky. They either like you or they don't. If the kitty box is clean, and bf is not over yet they still pee on the bed. Then I would take them to the vet to make sure they do not have a UTI. A UTI can cause them to tinkle and sometimes pee in places they normally would not.

OOPS!! I did not even notice this thread was from November. Oh well lol, maybe OP will come back and read it.

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