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Still sad over loss of puppy

On Nov 27th, my puppy (Beast aka Beastie) who was 7 months old got hit by a car and passed away. He was with my OH at the time and when I got the news it devastated me to be honest. Beastie was like my baby, he slept with me, ate with me, heck he even followed me to the washroom. People don't understand why I am so upset or that I truly feel like I lost my best friend. It's been a month now and I still get so sad when I see a picture of him, when something reminds me of him or even when I got to someone's house who has dogs. My family and a friend of mine have made me feel silly for still being so upset as he was "just a dog"!:'( I never realized there was a forum on pets so thought is post here and hope there are some people that understand. Am I being silly? How do you get over a lost pet?

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You don't.

Time softens the blow, and you move on. But you never get over the pain of losing them. I'm so sorry about Beastie. They are not just "pets" they are family members and are like children. You bathe, feed and care for them. When they're hurt, they need you. When they're sick, they need you. They love you unconditionally, and that is a trait that many humans are not capable of.

Lots of . Grieve and cry all you need to. Nothing will replace Beastie, but maybe one day you can open your heart to another furkid who needs a mama.

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You don't.. I lost my 9 1/2 year old kitty in September and I still cry almost on a daily basis over him.. Don't let anyone make you feel silly for still being upset. In my honest opinion people like that make me realize more and more that they are the reason I care for animals more than most people.

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