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My animals are driving me insane ( not baby related)

As the title says my animals my cat and dog are driving me mad, our dog bless him is a Staffy cross Labrador and he is the most gentle and sweetest dog I've ever had but can be a pain at times as he still young not even 1 yet, but this morning OH has let him out for a wee for a good 20 mins and when he brought him back in OH said to me what the F@@k has the dog brought in, it was a dead squirrel I scream " omg the dog has killed a squirrel" but OH said that it must of been dead hours ago, u can't cope with these dead animals I mean last week he brought a stiff dead wood pigeon in my house and I had to call my mom to my house to pick it up because I couldn't do it.

I've caught the cat with mice and black birds he tried to sneak in a mouse in the other night but OH caught him and threw him back out .

I'm now going to scrubbed my floors because I'm so paranoid now with the diseases that dead squirrel could of had

Should I take my dog to the vets???

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I wouldn't worry about the vet unless your dog shows any signs of being unwell. You could always phone in the morning for advice if you are worried. How is your dog managing this? I would look into trying to prevent it, maybe walking him on a long lead so you can always see what he is doing. We once had a dog that would literally lift anything as long as it was dirty so we had to keep him in a lead always.

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if your animals are up to date on their vaccinations there is no reason to worry about them.
As far as germs go I actually wouldn't be overly concerned about your dog or the dead squirrel. There's less than 1% of their diseases that are transferable. Cats & pigeons carry a bit more. People are paranoid about animals but here's the thing. Study after study shows people with pets get sick less of the time than people with kids. Personally it's funny I was just saying this morning I live on a 20 acre farm with 2 dogs who often have bits of dead animal or 1 time a live baby bird, and we have 12 chickens, I haven't been sick in years. Went to new parents group yesterday in a primary school & got a tickle in my throat. Kids are filthy & full of germs. Give me a dead squirrel any day lol

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