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cat? dog? on the

I've promised dd a pet, and thinking of getting one during Christmas break. She and I regularly visit a local shelter to play with the animals, so as Christmas gets closer I hope to find one there that she loves and interacts with well, and surprise her. Anyhoo, here is my question... I am a cat person. I've always loved cats. I like dogs and have owned a few over my lifetime, but cats are definitely my favorite. DD loves both cats and dogs but wants a dog. And I get it. A dog can be walked on a leash and taught tricks, they are more attached to their human. Cats are independent and a lot less needy (which is one reason I like them so much). We already have a cat who is about 7 years old and will have nothing to do with daughter or anyone else. She was a rescue from an abuse situation and will only interact with me. Not sure how bringing in another cat will affect her.

At dd's age (4 and a half), I know I will be the one responsible for the upkeep and care of the animal and I'm okay with that. So would you get what you want and know you would absolutely love, or go with what dd really wants because you know it would probably be a better pet for her. Oh, and I would love the dog (I'm an overall animal lover), but would not be as happy with a dog, or I should say, all the training and such that a dog requires, as I would a cat.

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