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-Meatloaf aka Loafie - female long-haired tortoise shell cat, 8 years old. I got her and her twin sister (who ended up running away after a move) for my 16th birthday. I used to run a cat rescue with a neighbor and she was born shortly after we got a pregnant mama kitty. My neighbor joked that she looked like "leftovers" so I named her Meatloaf. :P

-Zeus aka Moose aka Mush - male long-haired orange kitty, ~14 years old. He lived with a resident that my OH and I took care of at work, and when she got transferred to our section (for people with advanced Alzheimer's) she had to give him away. My OH took him in and I moved in with him soon after. The lady named him "Cat" but it just doesn't fit, so my OH called him Zeus, but I didn't like it, so I just call him Moose or Baby. Or Mush. Hahaha.

-Birdie aka Blird (lol) - female long-haired tortoise shell cat, ~3 years old. Another rescue - was a stray at work (same place we got Moose) and one day she just jumped into our laps and we couldn't say no, because we have a cat addiction. :P Named for her love of heights, and she is extremely vocal. She also loves to sit on the edge of the pool and play in the water.

-Whiskey aka Mr. Whiskers - male short-haired black cat with white paws, ~2 years old. My sister's cat, but we live in the same house. He has a mustache of white fur on his mouth.

-Louis (lew-ee not lew-us) aka Lou aka Lucifer aka Prince of Darkness, multi-colored tabby cat, ~1 year old. We rescued him from my sister's work at a casino, where there were an abundance of kittens due to a bunch of strays. Now we have an abundance of kitties at home. He was named after Louis de Pointe du Lac from the Anne Rice books. :P

We also have two rats (Sir Didymus, like from The Labyrinth, and Gilbert, like from What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and two dogs (Spud - my mom's Boston Terrier, and Princess Penelope Pond, my albino Chihuahua named for Amy Pond from Doctor Who lol).

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Bella - Named after Bella Lui which is a mountain of the Bernese Alps. She's half Bernese Mountain Dog. (We didn't know about this Twilight thing at the time....)

Soybean - Named for the soybean field where she was found and rescued. Cat.

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Brutus- our 9 year old mutt

Cabela- our 2 year old mutt

I have a soft spot for shelter/abandoned animals.

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I am and always have been a huge animal lover. Hubby and I have 4 cats. The cats are my soul critters. Their names are Piper, Luna, Riley, and Charlie. Piper is charcoal gray with a white spot on her chest and toes. She is named after the character on Charmed. Luna is calico, and she is named after the character from Harry Potter. Riley is solid black, except white under arms. He has huge fangs. He just looked like a Riley. Charlie is an orange tabby, hubby named him simply because he always wanted a cat named Charles. We have two dogs, Hadley is a chocolate brown part Pit bull part Boxer. Rocky is a yellow and white part American Bulldog part Labrador. All of these angels are rescues.
My gerbils names are Shiloh and Gidget. Shiloh was just a pretty and smooth sounding name for a pretty silver gerbil. Gidget is because it sounds like fidget, because she is super fidgety. My syrian hamster's name is Koda, he looks like a black bear. Our dwarf hamster's name is Xena, because she is fierce. My sweet elderly mouse's name is Lexi. Her sisters Kessa and Ginger have already crossed over the rainbow bridge in the sky.
We also have a bearded dragon named Bruce, because he looks like a grumpy old man. We have a tarantula named Corryn, which means spider in Welsh.

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I have a bearded dragon called seska

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Nemo - ginger and white fluffy his gorgeous and so loving. His 7 years old bless him. Took so well to our growing fur babies.

Sparkles- his actual name is captain sparklez ( kids who love mine craft will know who this is lol) his a tabby and so loving. 4 months old

Stampy- his actual name is Stampy long nose again mine craft lovers will know this one too lol his white and has tabby marks. Such a character this one lol 4 months old too.

Elsa- black and white fluffy, totally gorgeous and so sweet else is after frozen lol she is also 4 months and sister to Stampy

So there are my fur babies xx

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Everest joined us a few weeks back, she's named after the pup in Paw Patrol

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Left - Right my rescue dogs

Jetta - aka: JVJ, Jetta Vaughn Jetta, Jetta pepper -born Septemeber 29 2010 - female bull breed x Labrador mix
We rescued her as a 6 week old puppy with her siblings from the local pound. Rehomed her siblings and kept her to train as a therapy dog. She's very highly trained and had her CGC.

Capone -aka: Poe, Potatoe, Topatoe- approx. 6yrs old - male America Bully - We rescued him off the street about 4 years ago off the street and treated his damaged tail (which had to be removed). He's a supper sweet boy that thinks he's a puppy.

Acheron - Aka: Achemoo, moo, moobert - approx. 8 years old- male bull breed mix - We rescued him from the pound after he was rescued from abusive owners who starved him and let him get covered in mange. He's my heart dog and my best buddy, he's super smart but also stubborn and egotistical.

D'artagnan - Aka: Gator, Gator-saurus-Rex- approx. 9 years old - male bull breed mix. Rescued from the pound he was an abused stray and is a very shy but very sweet boy who just wants belly rubs.

Cats: all rescued

Jerrick- 7yrs old male tabby and white maine coon rescued after being thrown out of a car as a kitten

Jayden- 3yr old male black DSH rescued as a kitten

Josie Lynn- 2yr old female tortie x Siamese mix rescued from a dog park as a kitten

Zelda- 4month old female tortie rescued from a car engine and my DH work about 2months ago.

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