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Old Sep 12th, 2010, 01:39 AM   31
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These and past and present cats of mine:

Gin (current)
Stella (current)
Asti (current)

I dont think i need to explain the im not an alcoholic!

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I have a Collie dog called Thaila (pr. Ty Laa) and a Ragdoll cat called Phoenix-Bob (Or Nixie-Bob, Nixie, Nix, Nicnac, Bob, Bobo, Bobolicious) In fact our cat is never called by his official name

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Old Sep 16th, 2010, 05:39 AM   33
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Polly- Doggie (she lives with my grandparents across the road from me though).

Morrissey - Degu.
Miyavi - Also a degu.

Fanny and Phlegm - my fishies.

And until recently I had two gerbils called Maisy and Doris - RIP girlies.

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Old Sep 16th, 2010, 10:54 AM   34
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I have a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy called Amber

Here's a photo
This was taken a month ago i think so she a wee bit bigger now

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Old Sep 16th, 2010, 10:55 AM   35
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Oh my OH called her amber cuz of her light colourings that a rottie haS

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Old Sep 17th, 2010, 02:02 AM   36
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Charlie - Cause when I brought him home OH said he looked like his cousin charlie. More often he is called Char-char, which sounded like a pokemon character to me, and so it turned into charmander

Lola - cause there is a kids show called Charlie and Lola and, well, I wasn't feeling very creative

Hammie - so named because I got her at 2 weeks old as a foster kitten. Her ears weren't up yet and her eyes were barely opened. The kids thought she looked like a hamster and I figured we weren't keeping her so they could name her Hammie if they wanted. The little bug ended up staying and now is Hammie, Hamster, and Ham-bone


Carol - I let my husband name the dogs, not my best move ever. Carol is named after Carroll Shelby of car racing fame.

Sally - Sally is named after a famous blues song "Mustang Sally" (yes, there is a car theme)

Kira - Okay, he didn't name this one. We took her in a few months ago when her very elderly owner had to go into hospice care. She's 12.5yrs old and I wasn't going to try to change her name at this point!


M.T. - Short for M.T. My Wallet. It's not his official name but it seemed fitting. He's my old man horsey, I've had him for 19 years now and love him like crazy. He's most often referred to as "M"

Decaf - Since M.T. is retired Decaf is my current riding horse. When picking out names for her people kept suggesting coffee drinks (she's a bay and the brown apparently equaled coffee for people). I can't drink caffeine so I said if I was going to name her something like that it would have to be Decaf, then it stuck .

Blackberry - That's my daughter's pony and she named him. He's black, and that's all I've ever gotten out of her for why she chose that name. His show name is Captain Carrot (from Terry Pratchett) but he's most often called "B" or Little B.

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Old Sep 19th, 2010, 08:32 AM   37
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Awww I love this thread I have a thing for names we give loved ones :P

We have had/have:


Chad - Came a;ready named at 8 weeks old and it suited him so kept it : R.I.P my little fighter.

Lucky - Again came named as was an RSPCA rescue and already answered to it -although she is lucky the situations she gets into and comes out unharmed :P - Was 1 on August 8th 2010 :

(mostly named for personality)


Nibbler - from futurama but also was the daintiest eater R.I.P
Riffraff - because he caused sooo much trouble when we got him
Boris - after Boris Karloff he was a big biter when we got him R.I.P
Basil - after Basil Fawlty he gets into some silly situations
Mr Rattas - came with the name rattatouille but was such a hunky chunky man needed a strong name
Indiana - the adventurer of course
Malacoda - the demon - he was a terror! R.I.P.
Puck - the little imp
Faust - hes easily led
Blob - is exactly like the rat from Phantasmagoria 2 which the OH loves
Mephistopheles - is the spitting image of faust and leads him astry so needed to be mephi
Briar - has a prickly side but looks soo sweet and lovely


Ginerva - came named after her foster mummy was reading harry potter Ginny for short mother to 4 of our girls R.I.P
River - Ginnys daughter
Inara - Ginnys daughter
Saffron - Ginnys daughter
Kaylee - Ginnys daughter
Jayne - loan mis-sexed girl in rescue
Zoe - breeder friends litter who stole my heart
(River through to Zoe all named from Firefly as a favorate show and needed 4 names of similar background for the babies )
Arista - A little unexpected present who has an exotic air to her

hummm it looks so many when written down But until this month the pets were our way of having a family as we didn't think we could (also the girls have most our names we'd have given daughters

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I have a Staffy pup called Digger (named by my 4 year old after a dog on tv), a female tabby cat called Fudge (named by my ex after she pood herself on the way home from getting her) and a tabby and white tom cat called Sparky (Fudge's brother - named by me cos the first thing he did when we got him home was chew through a cable...and he didn't stop doing it for months!!)

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Old Jan 5th, 2011, 04:01 AM   39
hollywood dre
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I have a puppy called Scamp because he's a little "scamp"

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Old Jan 5th, 2011, 15:39 PM   40
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my cat is called roxy took us 3 days to decide on a name and it was one that the whole family agreed on!lol she is now preg so will have to think of a few more lolxx

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names , pets

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