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Old Oct 3rd, 2011, 13:05 PM   51
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At my house we've only got our puppup. A Pit/French Mastiff mix named Crook.
That is the name they gave him at the shelter where we rescued him. They named him this because he has an awful crooked tail because his previous owner either tried to chop it (they like pits with shorter tails out here in California, to make them look scarier), or he just broke it. I thought it was mean to call him that, and we were gonna rename him Boss (because he looks like a Boss! Plus we'd get to tell people "My boss poo'd on my carpet today" lol!). Boss never caught on so we kept him a Crook. My OH calls him Crooky Monster/Papa and I call him Pookie a lot lol.

My mom currently has all of my cats. There is Binkie (named after Thackery Binks on Hocus Pocus), and Meatloaf (her colorings are a bit of everything, so she looks like leftovers lol).
My mom's cats are Seven (she is a polydactyl kitty) and MooCow (because she looks like a little cow). We used to have Meatloaf's sister, Luna, named for her radiant yellow eyes, but she ran away when they last moved.

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Oooo a chance to show off my boys and girl!

Zeus - named by the breeder, I was going to change it but he has a really bad wind problem so it stuck : Zeus...God of thunder(pants)

Gizmo - Originally called Nitro Nori after the bike racer Noriyuki Haga, but then decided that he looked more like Gizmo from the gremlins because his ears were very flat when I got him as a kitten....Now he just gets called Fat Boy.

Lightning - Originally called "Ziggy" by my ex, I never liked the name and once I split from him I changed it to something that suited her, she flies around at the speed of lightning all the time
(Apart from in this picture!)

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we have 2 jack russels ozzy and jack,just liked the names
2 cats snoop and tiggs,snoop used to hide alot as a kitten so that is why we called her snoop cause she snooped about!,and tiggs is a tabby
we have buzz the guinea pig,when we had him my boys were toy story mad
sonic the hamster after sonic the hedgehog
and stuart little a little white mouse,we also had lotso the mouse but he has now gone to mouse heaven
then my son has a corn snake who is named fred,god knows why he picked that name??
and my other son has 2 yellow bellied turtles named squirt and turt,he named them,lol
and they have 2 goldfish named nemo(after nemo) and fireball (cause he is orange)lol
and a giant stick insect named patrick(after spongebob square pants's friend)
as you can see our kids named most of our pets

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Old Oct 6th, 2011, 10:39 AM   55
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We have 2 pets

Choc Lab called Bear - Seren named her.

Kitty doo-daa - Seren again, I'll be honest, I just shorten it to kitty, don't particularly like shouting kitty doodaa from the kitchen window lol

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Old Nov 4th, 2011, 09:45 AM   56
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I have Maxie- a 7 year old Lab, and Bozo a 3 year old Collie mix who earned his name for being such a clown! Both adopted. Adopted Maxie from a shelter, Bozo was a foster dog and I ended up falling in love- so adopted him too!

Maxie is the black one, Bozo is the orange one. He doesn't look it in pictures, but Bozo is a tiny 25lbs and most of that is his insanely long nose!

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Old Nov 5th, 2011, 01:28 AM   58
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Well I've got a lot...

Jake, our sheltie/pom.
Tequila "Quila", our husky mix.
Boss 302, our grey and fawn tabby kitten.
Now I show and breed rabbits so here are the ones that are named...Babylon, Adele, Love, Eqypt, Maroon, Moose, Zephyr, Frog, Hollywood, and Halestorm Jr. Most of which are named after bands or songs. I've got two litters this month so I'll have a lot more to name.
I have a lot of rats and most of them aren't named. I breed them for snake food and have just a few as pets.
We've got 5 crested geckos total, most of which aren't named.
We have 4 snakes. The corns are Foo(Foo Fighters) and Punch(5FDP). My red tail is Nirvana and my carpet python is Toxic.
I've got 3 hamsters, only 1 of which is named...Kerrplunk. Multiple mice, none are named.
And my biggest three are horses. Slick Dirty Dancin "Shasta", my beautiful 05 paint/arab mare! Lady's Dreamghost "Peppy", my huge 05 buckskin roan bs paint gelding! And last but not least - Chasemea Slick Shadow"Chase", my trusty 04 tovero paint gelding!

I'd post photos but a.) currently too lazy and b.) I don't want to flood the board. I will probably post some direct links later.

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Old Nov 19th, 2011, 18:16 PM   59
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Well we have four cats and a rabbit. But for some reason I can't upload anymore than these two pictures. So this is Izzie. He is a boy (It's a long story with his name.) He is my baby.

Then we have Ted; Izzie's brother (They're from the same litter. They're 4)
Rosa (The Grandma of the group, she's 16.)
The baby Ruby (who is 4 almost 5 months old.)

and last but not least our lion head lop eared Rabbit; Jack.

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Old Nov 20th, 2011, 06:22 AM   60
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My dog is called Roxi, no reason why we picked it but the name suits her!


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