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Your Pets Names

What are your pets names and any reason they have that name??
Mine are:
BP - long story with this one, and please don't judge but BP stands for Big Pooer. When we first got her as a little kitten, before we had named her, she did the most humungous poos you've ever seen from such a small creature. We joked we should call her big pooer, then thought 'BP' for short. BP just caught on and that it stayed. Her nicknames are Beeps, Beepsie or Beepster.

Belle - no real reason for her name, we just liked it. Her nickname is Bellie.

Lucy - no real reason again. We adopted her when she was pregnant after her owner didn't want the problem of kittens. Her original name was Loompa, so we wanted an L name for her. Her nickname is Luce.

Silver - she is Lucys kitten. She is a silver tabby, hence her name! Her nickname is Sylvie.

Share yours!

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We have:

Roxy- DH named her and he just liked the name. Since naming her we have realized it is a VERY popular dog name and have met several other 'roxys' at the dog park.

Diesel- DH is a mechanic and loves Diesel engines. I named him but I knew DH would love the name too.

And our goldfish named Shamu- Because he's a goldfish and Shamu is the whale so it's funny. We have sea world in my town and "shamu" is there. Even though the real shamu died years ago. Anyways when he comes out to perform everyone in the crowd does this stupid arm waving thing with their hands and chant "shamu, shamu"....So DH and I do it towards the fish tank and end up in a fits of giggles.

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Jay- When we got him (he was a stray) we somehow thought he was a she.... so he was Juliet, then he became a boy and we shortened it to Jay.

Faith- We were going through a ROUGH situation with our youngest DD, we needed spiritual "Faith" and it just wasnt happening for us. When we got Faith, her name was Faith but i didnt know until I was getting her into the car and the lady called her Faith. It was perfect and she did bring us Faith.

Hope- Her name was Daisy when we got her, but still going through the situation with our daughter, we had faith but no Hope. We did not believe the situation would end well, ever end, or work out. We needed spiritual "hope" and it just wasnt there. Hope however showed us otherwise.

Elvin- His name was Maverick when we got him. We wanted something to go with Faith. Hope but nothing fit right- Justice, Freedom, etc... So DD1 somehow randomly came up with Elvin and we have no idea where or how. However, Elvin, despite not having a "themed name" brought us something as well... Laughter and Joy. He is the GOOFIEST dog ever!

We even have a saying:
Without Faith, there is no Hope but you always need a bit of Elvin.

(silly i know, but it is and was SO true)

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Ive got an Amy. When we got her i didnt want a typical dog name for her plus it needed to be something easy for ds2 to say (18mths at the time) but i call her baby girl, ds1 & 2 call her mad mainy & my dad calls her shetland (as in pony)
Also got Rocky. I hate the name its a typical rotty name but when we adopted him at 10 months & he came with it but he gets called either rock or doc ock
Ive also got 2 adopted cockatiels, no idea of their ages or sex but they have been named by ds1 & 2 as Gizmo & Stripe


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My dachshund's name is Annie. I named her Annie because she's red and well...was an orphan.

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I have 3 cats 'Bandit', 'Fluffy' and 'Smokey'

Bandit originally came with his brother 'Buford' but sadly Buford died of lukemia. Then OH adoped 'Fluffy' from RSPCA. We kind of intended to give him a more manly name but 'Fluffy' stuck. Smokey was our last edition and OH named her to match Bandit.

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We have two adopted golden retrievers.

To understand where they got their names you have to hear the background story. My parents have always had golden retrievers, they got their first four months before I was born. Their first golden's mother's name was Brandy. My father (being fond of alcohol ) decided to continue the tradition and named their first golden Whiskey. Since then they've had Rum, Bourbon and now they have Scotch.

When we decided to rescue a golden we thought we'd continue the tradition...but DH and I don't drink liquor so DH thought it would be good to name them after beer. So our first golden is named Pilsner and our second (who we just adopted last week!) is named Pint

Here's a picture, Pilsner (who is 3.5 now) is on the left and Pint (who is 10) is on the right


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My cat is called Kat She was a stray and the RSPCA named her Baby ??? When we got her she never responded to that name...(hardly surprising ) My eldest was 19months old when we got her and he always used to shout Cat at her and she would go to him and so that's how she kind of got her name really!! Strange I know ha!

My rabbit is called Basil

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I did just have one Rottie dog called Tia. Shes just had puppies so now theres Tia +

Chanel - R.I.P gorgeous
Valentina- R.I.P sweetheart
Hope - R.I.P baby

Arbez(Zebra backwards)

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Rhu - 3 year old Toller
Muck- 8 months old border collie

Hero - one of my horses who's out on loan.
Annie - one of my horses who's not long back off loan

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