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Scoop Away and Pine shavings

I went to Petsmart and bought Scoop Away Extreme Strength- im hoping it does the job. We have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. i feel like all i do is change litter!

I also heard Pine/Cedar/Wood shavings can help cut down on the smell. I picked up a $2 bag and figured it couldnt hurt.

Anyone try either of these????

AND....does ANYONE know where to get Pro Plan cheaper than $30 (its normally $43 but its on sale with Pet Perks)?

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cedar shavings are pretty good at covering the smell.
you can also buy scented powders to sprinkle in the litter tray.
As for pro plan they often have vouchers online if you search on google. or email them & ask.
alternativly you can seak out a better quality food that has a higher meat content & less cereal/rice (cats cant digest this so your just wasting money)..

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