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Yesterday we brought home a gorgeous blue mini lop 8 weeks old from a breeder, he's so good and was handled a lot with the breeder so enjoys cuddles :-). We were going to get 2 from the litter but he was the last one... Now I'm wondering if I should buy another mini lop whom is ready to leave tomorrow to keep him company? I have a two tier cage so can keep them separated until they are used to eachotherbut how long do they need? Or isn't it a good idea?

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rabbits are territorial animals and don't easily accept another rabbit. I have known people who have done this, but it's complicated and can take months.

Here's an article about how it is done:

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rabbits are territorial animals and don't easily accept another rabbit. I have known people who have done this, but it's complicated and can take months.

watch out

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Like the others pointed out, rabbits are very territorial and the bonding can be tricky.

Having said that, I would really recommend getting a second rabbit - you might just have to wait until your bunny is old enough to be spayed or neutered. The problem is that 2 females or 2 males are usually a bad combination, even if they get on now they might start fighting when they become older. So the best combination is a buck and a doe, but then you obviously would need to get one of them neutered / spayed.

Check out the house rabbit society's website, they have lots of useful advice on bonding. We had our male lop first, got him neutered when he was 7 months old and then got him a female friend. She was still a baby when we introduced her, so the bonding went really well. There's nothing better than watching my 2 buns cuddle up together and groom each other

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I know this is an old thread but I was just wondering how you got on?
I have had various pairings of bunnies - firstly two females, who tolerated each other but would sometimes fight and had to be watched (we ended up splitting them) a male female pair who got on well but the female was overly dominant and tried to steal food and hump my boy bun constantly (the girl was much younger and smaller, he is a big bruiser but a big softie!)
When my girl rabbit died my boy was really lonely and we had no choice but to get another bunny. We picked a slightly older bunny (7months) as my other rabbit is now 4 and a bit, so an older boy. We put them in together and they bonded within an hour, and are totally inseperable and the best of friends. The ironic thing? They are both boys!
It is very much down to the personality of the bunnies, more so than gender in my opinion, both of my boys are big sooks who love their food, and who have really foot temperaments, generally boy rabbits are more friendly than girls so if yours is a boy and is neutered, I wouldn't rule out another male - ill post pics of them together later and you can see what I mean!

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