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Cat gum infection/gingitivtus

My poor lady, who is now 11 had had a problem with dribbling over the past couple of months. I was hoping it was just a age thing but after she started dribbling blood we took her straight to the vet where she was diagnosed with a bad infection. I am ashamed at how bad her gums are, she is a very nervous cat and prefers to stay outdoors as scared of our son an happily sends her days laying on the shed roof in the sun so it's difficult to get a good look at her! She is on a course of antibiotics, which so far have worked a treat despite being told she would probably deteriate over the weekend. The dribbling has stopped, she can eat biscuits again easily (she never been not able to eat wet food) and seems so much happier and at the moment is curled on the sofa next to me

I'm scared of her follow up tomorrow. The vet has talked about blood tests, knockin her out to do a good look at her teeth and possible extractions. I know the risk is really high in older cats of being put out.

Does anyone know or have any experience of cats with gum infections? Is there any chance that the antiobiotics alone can clear this up rather than going down such a traumatic route? X

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If her gums are bleeding and infected there's a chance she could have some epuli, Older cats and dogs handle G/A really well now, vets have more equiptment these days, in our rescue we have 13-14 yrs old treated.

She will feel much better afterwards .. even if it means having a few teethies out

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