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My hubby didnt have paternity leave...but he did stay home for 4 days...3 of which i was in hospital in labor then delivery then the 2 postpartum days....but he stayed home with our other kids....but he was alot of help

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My OH definatly did the latter!!!

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Speaking for myself, I enjoy spending time playing games, and in the past have had some complaints over the amount of time I spend doing so.

But ultimately, while mum's recovering from the birth, us dad's need to be supporting her in every way we can. That's not to say that we shouldn't ever turn the xbox on, because we need some "me time" too, but it's important to get a balance, so that if mum or baby need us, we break off from whatever we're doing, go help, and then pick it up again later.

This applies whether your leisure activity of choice is playing games, reading, or watching tv/movies. While you're on paternity leave, your baby, and his/her mother, come first.



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